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Sexton High School

This Michigan marching band has little or no funding at all. The children don't even have socks or marching shoes, let alone resources for every child to have an instrument. The band director made a public plea through a newspaper article and that is how we got involved. In November, we donated saxophone, a clarinet, and a flute.

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Partner Schools

Mason County Central 

Our founding member is an alumni and knew the need that exists from his own experience as a child. He and his family donated  a trombone, trumpet, and a flute from private funds. It was from this experience they decided to form the organization to help other schools in need.

Karns High School

A smaller high school located in Knox County in Tennessee. This school has one of the most revered marching programs, they also have a lot of kids. In 2015, we donated a trumpet and a flute. In 2016, we provided drum mallets.

Karns Middle School

This is the sister school of Karns High. In 2016 we were able to donate three clarinets and a trumpet.

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