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Our founders all have a background in music. Some of them continue to play today as semi-professionals. One thing they all have in common is that playing in band during their formative years had a lasting and positive impact on them. We want every child to be able to experience that too.

However, since playing in band can be costly, not every child has the resources to participate. We know from personal experience that if hadn't been for the kindness and generosity of others, we wouldn't have had a chance either. So we founded First Chairs Club, Inc. 


Our mission is simple: To provide schools and underprivileged children with musical instruments at no cost to them, and to provide scholarships to music camps to those who have the talent, but not the monetary means.

We know that children who are in involved in activities such as performing arts have better attendance, higher grades, and better self-esteem. They find and build relationships in school that becomes a second family. Additionally, they have a deeper appreciation for the arts.





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